Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lets Play Catch Up!

Hey everyone! I finally have a free moment while Zoey is napping and Erics at work, so I'm updating you on all the happenings with Zoey! Summer is over.. and so is Fall now! We had a few family outings before the weather turned cold, so here are some pics to keep you in the loop!
We went out as a family one night and Eric was craving a chili dog, so after we ran our errands we stopped at A&W for take out. Then, we went down to Wasilla Lake to eat. Well, there happened to be some ducks there! Eric began throwing them fries and soon they were all around us. We saved a few fries for Zoey to feed them too! I love how we are all making shadows!
Then, there was the Palmer Fall Festival! This was our first year going out to a cute little farm in Palmer for some fun! Of course, I took the camera!
Here's Z being an AK grown potato!

Zoey got her face painted! She was perfectly still for the man and had a cute butterfly when he was done.
Playing in a leaf pit! This was very fun for her!! They were in our hair and all down the inside of her outfit too!

Shes growing so fast! I love this picture of her.. very "fall".

We dressed Z up in her Halloween costume to play and take photos in the pumpkin patch. We wanted her to be a cow this year because she loves to say "Mooooo." Teressa and Kerry brought
Jenna to this event too, so we took turns snapping a family shot for eachother.

I love you Zoey Paige!

Walking with Daddy through the pumpkin patch.

Then, back at home over the past few weeks...

Holy curls! This hair has been slept on too! I cant believe how long its getting too.

Daddy and Z on Daddys Birthday.

Zoey making silly faces!

This month, Zoey was selected to be in a tv commercial for a hospital in California. We shot in Anchorage a couple weeks ago. We should get a copy of the finished spot, but I'm not sure when. I will be sure to share it when we do. :) Z also used the potty... once! Right before her bath, Daddy put her on and she went. So, we are not forcing the issue, but we are randomly working on learning. She has also been cutting her molars like crazy. Her first top two are being stubborn. Her bottom right started after the top two and is all ready in. Shes been.. not herself. It must be painful because shes a handful most days. We know its the start of her terrible twos too. Its a little early, but the "tude" is beginning. So, that about sums it up...

The end!