Monday, February 28, 2011

Fabulous February!

Well everyone, February has come and gone all ready! I can not believe how fast this year seems to be going by. Things here are about the same - we have been pretty busy with the every day life activities. We are now awaiting an answer as to where our family will be by the end of this month. Most of our readers are "in the know" about the situation, so Im not going to go in to the details here. Just know that we will keep you all updated as we get more information. Im sorry for not posting more this month, but once you go through all of the photos, Im sure you will see that we really have had LOTS going on! We were finally able to ditch our crappy AT&T internet service for something much faster and more reliable - YAY! Eric hooked up our wireless as well. So, that being said, we are now able to Skype again! I know how hard it can be for some of our family to get it set up correctly, so we would love to set up Skype-dates with you instead if you want to. I may turn ours on when I know we are available as well. Just log on and look for us! Can you believe its almost been a year since we've seen most of you!!??? Wow! Okay, time for some photos! Enjoy!!
The Alaska SeaLife Center
Some friends of ours were kind enough to invite us on a fun weekend trip to Seward Alaska to spend some time at the SeaLife Center! We accepted the offer and drove our families for the weekend. Thank goodness we have the van! We all fit nicely! We stayed the night at a military hotel, had a few meals in some local restaurants and let the girls run wild while they watched fish, sea lions and other creatures. It was fun! We really enjoyed the company of our friends!
Daddy and Z boating!
Heres our little family on the boat!
Zoey and Jenna!

Through the eyes of a sea lion! Look at the screen below the animal!

The touch tanks w/Momma.. Can you see whats stuck to her finger!!!??
I got a bit nervous that it wasnt going to come off!

Looking at the salmon w/Mommy.

We do this at every place we take her if theres an animal hanging from the ceiling!

Looking at some bones with Daddy.
The view of the mountains from inside was beautiful.
The SeaLife Centers largest sea lion!

This guy was over 9ft long and 1500lbs!
His mate was 7ft (I think) and only 500lbs!
Pushing Jenna in her stroller! Weee!!!
Inside the boat one last time.

Baby Bujak #2
Baby is growing well! I dont have much to report right now though. Ive been tired a lot. Ive been probably spending too much time on my feet since they hurt by the end of the day. Its all worth it though! Our next appointment is on March 16th first thing in the morning. Until then, heres a photo of "us"!!
Heres the belly at 13 weeks :)

Zoey Being Zoey!
Other than the trips and parties, Z has been her normal crazy self at home! She finally learned how to say "I love you" on the 8th of Feb, which just melts our hearts. She calls her pj's "MeMes" and asks to put them on. She has been practicing drinking from big girl cups more and more. Shes getting pretty good! Shes a great actress - she can fake coughing or "sick" and she has a fake cry too. She has been reading books out loud.. Most of what she says makes no sense, but its still cute to hear her "read" and watch her holding the book right up to her face. If you go back a few blog entries, you can watch her video about letters. She can read most of the alphabet all by herself. Another fun fact - she loves A1 sauce on her steak. Kaka!! Shes most certainly her Daddys girl!!
She climbs into her chair all by herself.

Helping Daddy feed the dogs..

She took the bowl right to Stella.

Put it inside, and closed the gate!

Someone got a treat... its an M&M!
Playing with her "beep beeps"
She really loves little cars ever since we got her Chuck the Truck for Christmas.

Our little angel

Valentines Day
On Valentines Day, we enjoyed a playdate/lunch! Zoey got dressed up and had fun playing with her friends!

This is Kara. She is the daughter of one of the MatSu Moms. She just loves playing with Z and holds her hand when ever she can. Here, she was holding Zoeys head up since she wouldnt look at me - Haha!! I think Zoey secretly loves being pampered by Kara :)

Her V-Day outfit! The kids kept running around the room, up the stairs and then down this ramp.. One of the Moms commented that it looked like a fashion show! It did!!

Winter Luau
We had a great time at the Winter Luau! We threw this party as a good-bye to Eric and early Happy Birthday to Zoey all in one. At this point, we are still unsure of what will happen to our family as far as the deployment/move/who-knows-what, but it was a nice way to get together with some of our closest friends and spend the day!

Inside the goodie bags...
At the end of the party, Eric gave the extras out to everyone! Even the "kids at heart" enjoyed the silly toys!
The hall sign I made for the guests to find the party room!
The back of Zoeys cake.. Im still having trouble with the fondant and not having pleats in it, but I tried to cover them up with the flowers! Its a bit bumpy too, but its only my second fondant cake!
And heres the front. Everything is fondant.. but the flowers. I did it all by hand! I even painted on edible glitter frosting! Can you tell what it is..?? A sea shell bikini and a grass skirt! The shells, pearls and "2" are all fondant - everything is! Lets just say it took me a while to finish!!

The fun table!
Lei making, photo prop and coloring!
I do think the kids had way more fun popping the balloons though!
The yummy table!!
Subs, potato salads, fruit, chips, punch and cake!

Just a close up.. the goodie bags are behind the punch bowl.

Dancing with Jenna and Teressa to some hula music!

Coloring some beach pages with Jenna!

Heres a few party people!
We had about 50 attend.
I dont like posting pictures of people with out asking first, so thats why you arent seeing more of Zs little friends :)
Lunch time!

The lei making station!
I spent hours punching out flowers and cutting straws and yarn!
I caught Eric with a lei on his head!
Singing Happy Birthday to Zoey

She blew out her candles like a champ! She even closed her eyes.. It was so sweet!
One of the kids broke the pinata string on their hit, so we had a brave Daddy hold it instead! Good job Eric!! Heres Z ready to swing!
She got to break the pinata!!! All of her friends had a turn first, of course!

She wanted to put all the candy back into the pinata! Then, she was taking handfuls of it to the trash can! We finally got her to start putting it into a cup instead :)
There was a little bit of monkey business at the party! I tried to get all the guests to stand in the photo prop. I plan to use the pics for thank you cards :)

We all had a great time, even though it went by too fast. THANK YOU to all who helped with the set up and clean up and to those who brought food and gifts even though we said not to. Every ones attendance meant the world to us. We feel so blessed to have such great friends here.. in fact, you are all more like family to us.

Well, thats all for today. Thanks for reading and catching up with us!
We love and miss you all!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Zoeys Alphabet at 22 Months

Zoeys been learning her alphabet all by herself! Well, we help her some, but she decided to memorize the letters by name! Here she is for any disbelievers, at 22 months old, telling me the letters she can remember by heart. She will say all the letters, even the ones she cant remember, when we say them first.. except "W" and sometimes "Q" - they are a bit hard! We are so proud of her!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The American Cancer Society 2011 Relay For Life of Mat-Su AK

This year, I have been asked to participate in The American Cancer Societys Relay For Life. I will join the other ladies in my MatSu Moms Group to walk and raise money.
What is Relay For Life?
The American Cancer Society Relay For Life is a life-changing event that gives everyone in communities across the globe a chance to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against the disease. At Relay, teams of people camp out at a local high school, park, or fairground and take turns walking or running around a track or path. Each team is asked to have a representative on the track at all times during the event. Because cancer never sleeps, Relays are overnight events up to 24 hours in length.

Relay began in 1985 when Dr. Gordy Klatt, a colorectal surgeon in Tacoma, Washington, ran and walked around a track for 24 hours to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Since then, Relay has grown from a single man’s passion to fight cancer into the world’s largest movement to end the disease. Each year, more than 3.5 million people in 5,000 communities in the United States, along with additional communities in 20 other countries, gather to take part in this global phenomenon and raise much-needed funds and awareness to save lives from cancer. Thanks to Relay participants, the American Cancer Society continues to save lives.

What can YOU do??

You can help my team by making a donation if you would like!

Simply click the link above to help me reach my goal!
Ill be about 6 months pregnant by then, so this should be interesting.. but its a great cause, so Im all for it!

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Sneak Peek!!

I have been trying to make this the best party ever for Eric and Zoey! Here's the invites I made! Yes, its a luau theme party! I thought it suited both of them :)
Ill post more as I finish projects!

The party is February 26th at 1:15pm
Its to celebrate Zs bday early since Eric wont be here and also for friends to spend some time with him before he leaves.

Whats Happenin'??

Hello again! Its been a busy first half of the month! Let me catch you up!!
We finally had our first baby appointment! Baby was active!! We saw arms, legs and feet dancing around! The heart beat was strong as well. I measured exactly ten weeks, which puts us at a due date of September 1st. Heres baby's first photos!

Eric was off for two weeks and was able to spend lots of time with Z which I know they both loved.

She LOVES building with her blocks! Daddy helped her build a very tall tower!

She was so proud of herself! Like her hair? Thats post-piggy tails!!

Climbing.. she climbs everything! This time, she wanted something on the counter in the kitchen.
Nana and Papa Reeves came out for a week to spend some time with us. We didnt do anything too exciting, but it was nice to just hang out with them. Zoey was soooo happy!

Making soup w/Papa.. she was loving her time with him!

Z and Papa talking on their banana and corn "phones" :)

Nana, Papa and Z!! Nice stickers Nana!!

Zoey and her Nana!

On our last day w/Nana and Papa, we took a half day trip to Talkeetna. While we were there, we had lunch at some hole-in-the-wall local place that served some spicy moose chili, picked up some yummy treats at a popular bakery and even got a couple souvenirs. Eric and Renee went into the store and came out with a book for Zoey (from Nana) and a wolf puppet (from Daddy). Eric also got me an Alaska mood ring.. partly as a joke.. partly because Im so hormonal right now! MEN!!

We drove past the reindeer and musk ox farms too that week, but they are closed for the season. We did see a few animals out in their pens though!
We have lots planned for the rest of the month including Zoeys first Valentines Day party this Monday, family photos and Zoeys (early) 2nd Birthday party! We'll post pics!!
Well, thats all for now! Check back with us again soon! We love and miss you all!