Saturday, July 24, 2010

Piggy Princess

So, instead of uploading all of the photos that I wanted to, I chose just one. It took half an hour, but heres our piggy princess! I love her hair! Its long enough now that I can put clips and ponies in it plus the back is super curly. Her bangs are so long that they hang in her eyes. We had an old woman in Walmart tell us that we should buy a disposable camera to be sure we get enough photos of her - how sweet!

I have been working on animal noises with her lately. She can tell you what a dog, cat, bear, cow and fish say.. well, the fish isnt a noise, but she tries to make fish lips!
Speaking of, Daddy got Z her very own fish! He picked out a 20 gallon tank, 6 guppies, 3 tiger striped fish and a really strange bottom feeder. We all ready lost one tiger stripe, so he replaced that with 2 neon colored fish that zip around fast.
Heres the crazy bottom feeder stuck to the side!
Zoey loves watching her fish - we all do. They are very relaxing.
I have a few photos of the yard, but I'll save them for later. We rented some equipment and Eric spent the day tearing down the side yard. Its a huge waste of our land, so we plan to level it out, get the fence built, hydroseed, landscape an also make a play space for Zoey and a fire pit with seating for friends! We are working in stages as we save the money. Its been a while since we worked though since Eric has a midnight shift right now. I say "we" but all I'm doing right now is watching Z while he works. I only get to help while she naps. We will get pics up once its more than a pile of dirt!!
An update on the Monkey..
We decided Z was ready to go to a bouncy house! I took her on Friday and it was fun! Most of the play stations were a bit big for her, but she eventually found a few things she had fun on. We will get photos next time we go!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

AT&T I hate you!

I've been trying to put more photos on our blog for the last three weeks. I know for sure now that it is our internet connection that is causing the problems. Please be patient with me as I struggle with this.. again..

Monday, July 5, 2010

New Things..

Zoey did a couple cute new things that we have to share with you all!

Shes had a cold for a few days now, but Daddy taught her how to blow her nose! She actually does it right and it helps so that we don't have to suck her nose as much. She will even do it on her own.. unfortunately she picked my dish towel to do it on! Super cute, so I don't mind!

Shes also been more aware of her diaper lately. We knew she had a poopy one the other day, so I asked if she wanted a change and she walked with me to her room. Before I could react to what she had started, she had the wipes bin off the table and opened, wipe in hand. She, fully diapered and dressed still, leaned forward, put her hand with wipe between her legs and began wiping herself! Shes done it a few times now. I let her since she thinks shes cleaning herself and it is so cute to see that she is learning what to do!

Zoey has been taking standing up showers with us too. She will wait to be soaped and then rub her own legs, belly and arms. She even likes to help wash Mommy and Daddys arms and legs.

She made her way down both sets of our stairs today all by herself as well. I asked her how shes gets down and she slid on her belly all the way!

Learning, learning every day!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

More Photos!!

Here are some of the albums from our family vacation in April to Michigan and Florida. They are not all here yet since our internet is still being lazy, but this is about half. I will update you all again when I get more added to the site. Please feel free to make prints for yourself again! I have made a couple, but still need to send them out.

Click the link below.
Password - alaskabujaks.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Zoeys One Year Photos Are Back!

OHHHH Myyyy!! I received the cd of photos from our one year shoot in the mail just the other day and I am soooo happy to finally be sharing them with you! I was in tears viewing the results! Dori, owner of DSY Design in Anchorage Alaska, was able to fit us in again for this special session. She can capture Zoey like no one else can! She also made me feel pretty.. After having Z, I haven't felt like myself and hate being in photos because I fear that I will look terrible. Thank you Dori for the amazing job you always do for us! We love you!! Here's a sneak peek! After you view, click the link below the photos to see the rest on our Shutterfly page. From there, you can view and order anything you like! Please use password alaskabujaks. Enjoy! <-------- Click Here For The Rest!