Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lillia Avery

Guess who got to see Lil' bean today..?? Me! And, now, Im sharing with all of you!This is the best profile photo we could get. Look at those cheeks!!!

Heres a 3D of her. She would not stop putting her hands over her face. Shes got both arms up there. I was ready to see her suck her thumb, but she didnt. Z never did, but she didnt keep her hands up by her face that much either.

Theres her big Bujak feet!

And a profile.. with hands :)

They think shes about 3.5lbs right now. They have moved my due date to Aug 24th. I think it funny because I told Eric this morning that I would love it if she were born on Aug 23rd so that both of our girls were "A" months and both on the 23rd. Shes all ready flipped over and has her feet by my right ribs and her head by and facing my left leg. Z came out facing my left leg too, which was very painful. Tomorrow I will know how my labs went. Ill update again soon!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Year Is NOT Half Over.. Is It?

I know, I know.. Im a huge slacker! BUT, this time I have photos and information for you.. a big step back in the right direction, ehh?? Okay, to earn your forgiveness back, Ill just begin with a photo!


Heres Little Miss Z, messy hair and all, wearing her Daddys boots around the house. She loves to wear anything that belongs to him. She will say "Dada boots, Yoeys boots - mine" (she calls herself Yoey which she finally started doing on the drive here to KS). Shes been.. well, a typical terrible two year old lately. At least, I hope her behavior is typical or worse than typical so that Im prepared for less drama and not more! Shes not listening, repeatedly getting in to things shes been told several times not to touch - seconds after we've told her no.. shes throwing her food on the floor, screaming for no reason... ahhh.. the life! We are trying to be calm with her, but its hard not to yell or laugh some times. Shes been very interested in her books these days. Shes careful not to rip the paper page ones. I find her in her bed after her naps with a book in her lap. She just looks up and says "Hi Mama!" Shes been very talkative since the trip. She likes to explain everything she sees the best she can. Last night in the car, she was running herself through the list of vocabulary words she knew - Eric and I just looked at eachother and laughed. She was randomly naming off words in no order what so ever. Shes happier now that she has all her things back. Im still trying to get her room in order. We are waiting on back pay for our travels so that we can buy her a new bed and put the crib back in the nursery. Once thats in place, I can hang things and decorate. I just dont want to move things too many times.
Here she is being helpful!

She helped herself to some crackers.. guess we need to install cupboard locks here now! I hope housing lets us! And, her first s'more! That was Daddys idea. She loved it! She ate the middle first :)

We had Zs two year photos taken this weekend too! Heres a sneak peek.. I hope it works! Click the link!!/media/set/?set=a.174656925928024.45264.101572196569831

Lillia Avery
(and Mommy)
We have decided on the name Lillia Avery for the new baby. I think most of you have gotten the memo by now :) Shes been a very active little girl these days. We have an ultrasound this week to see how shes growing. The hospital staff that I have seen has been very worried about preeclampsia symptoms that I am showing. They have a plan for me.. Im taking blood pressure meds twice a day now. After being on them for a week, my bp was all ready lowered. Im being seen every two weeks by a Dr now who specializes in high risk pregnancy. I have a bunch of labs and blood work tomorrow and will have the results by Thursday at my visit. Soon, I will begin nonstress testing on Lillia. They will have me come in every two weeks and be hooked to a monitor on my belly to see her activity. The plan is to induce me between 37 and 39 weeks. Ill know more as time gets closer. Im currently 28 weeks. Other than the medical issues, Im okay. Im tired again. Climbing the stairs leaves me breathless, I cant get comfy sleeping, my clothes dont fit (haha!) and the headaches and severe heartburn are worse from the meds.

Me and Lillia, 28 weeks
Everyone has been asking if we need things for Lillia. We saved everything from Zoey, so we dont really need much. We are good on the clothing for sure. Gramma and Grampa Bujak and Aunt Lisa sent us a bunch of very nice hand me downs last week. (Thank you again!) But, we do have a registry at Babies R Us for those who are asking. Its mostly organizational things and decor.. items that we have for Zoey that will stay in her big girl room and not be passed down.

Well, Erics been working his butt off. He comes home for breakfast and lunch almost every day - and we love that! Hes been out in the sun too many days on his shifts, so his head and neck are a lot darker than the rest of his body. Hes got sunscreen - dont worry!! He has been having more issues with his knees, so theres ANOTHER MRI scheduled at the end of this month. We recently learned that he lost four friends from his unit that just deployed from AK. This has been specially hard on us this time around because he should have been there with these people. Its causing us to rethink his career with the Army. Things are still unclear as to what exactly we are doing, but at this time we are just thankful that we are all together and that he is safe. We are enjoying every minute we have as a family. We do things together all the time now and it just makes me feel so happy. He may have to go away for a few months for a school that he has been selected for. This would happen from the start of Oct until end Nov. He would miss the holidays with us. Then, the unit he is with now, is scheduled to deploy earlier than expected. We do not know what will happen with that.. he may have to go, he may get to stay if we are getting out, he may not be able to go if he needs surgery again, he may go late.. We just really dont know. We will keep you all as updated as we are able.

Hanging out with her Daddy at the AK house before we left.

The house is coming together. We only have a few things left to unpack... you know, the ones you dont really ever need to see again. We plan to get things hung up soon. Its mostly just organizing the last bits and pieces that we have to do. We have our fish tank all set up again and full of new fish and shrimp. The dogs like having the back yard to run in, even though its not very large. Its hot here.. We took Z to the pool once all ready. Next time, Ill take the camera too. (Eric just suggested we take her tomorrow!) Back to the house.. Ill take some photos of it all once things are in place so I only have to do it once.

I think thats all for now! Ill try to keep posting on time from now on! We love and miss you all!