Monday, May 9, 2011

Playing Catch-up..

This has been a crazy couple of months for our family. I'll post some of what has happened thus far, but there are many more things we still need to tackle over the next few weeks to come.
We were finally able to leave the house in Wasilla on Thursday April 28th at about 2:30am. We had so much left to do and that day the Uhaul ran late and the oil change took forever... We were lucky enough to have a great neighbor and an amazing family friend stop by and with both of their help, we eventually closed the door, locked it and drove off into the darkness.
Along the way, we saw tons of animals including moose, wild buffalo or bison, a huge porcupine, a lynx (which was amazing), caribou, antelope, prairie dogs, bald eagles, hawks, many types of deer, ducks, swans, geese, and other game birds, raccoons.. Z knows the difference between cows and horses in the fields.. and probably more. We kept a list as a daily game, but its in the van which Eric has taken to his first day of work.
Luckily, we didnt have any car trouble. The van pulled the trailer nicely. Eric didnt trust it (or maybe me) so he drove the whole way. Most of the roads were really bad and we had to drive pretty slowly. Once in the states, we ran in to some snowy areas still and lots of wind as well. He also said its nice to have something to use against me when he wants to pick on me :)
The dogs are both alive and well. The first two days were pretty bad. Stella got car sick and had an accident in her kennel. Chewy had accidents as well. We were able to find them some herbal meds at Walmart for motion sickness and it seemed to help a lot. Once the bumpy roads stopped, they relaxed a bit more too. They spent most of the trip in the same kennel - imagine that! They dont want to be away from eachother at all now which is a blessing.
Zoey.. Zoey.. Zoey.. She had a hard trip, to be honest. She cut three teeth on the road and is still working on 5 more. She ate well the first couple days but then she didnt want anything at all. Shes still being picky about meals. Each day, she napped in the car for about an hour. She had one day out of 8 where she didnt have a melt down in the van. She threw toys and snacks and would ask for things just to throw them and then want them back. We had a hard time with her. Even now in the hotel, shes bored and crabby and keeps asking to go in the "beep beep" (car). We both think she wants to go home. She is still working on her opposites and each time we go outside she says shes cold. :) We tell her she means hot and she will agree. She did have a few good moments in the car that I can mention. She would randomly break out her Happy Song which made us smile. She loved wearing her sun glasses. She was using Erics Garmen GPS as a pretend cell phone.. she called it Papa and would talk in to it. She let us know when the dogs were barking, since we couldnt hear them hehe! And each time we stopped some where, she would yell IM READY!! We had her dancing in a public restaurant one night - twirling and clapping and waving her hands. I wish I had my video camera for that! She was also floating in the pool all alone with her favorite water wings on. She was doing so well! (Thanks Gma and Gpa Bujak again for those!! She loves them!)
Erics knees are giving him trouble in the heat and after being in the car so long, hes still stiff and also having a hard time sleeping. Im having the same problem sleeping and Im swollen from lack of exercise on the road. Ive had to remove all of my rings since they were digging in to my fingers. I feel like Ive gained a million pounds, but I know I havent. Eric should be getting me a dr appointment this week. We still dont know the results of our ultrasound. Hopefully everythings fine in there. Shes been pretty active these days. We can feel her from the outside now. We have also finally given her a name.. which is still a secret for a bit longer :)
We have driven around post a couple times now. Its pretty.. lots of very old structures, stone buildings, old trees.. its a photographers dream place for sure! I dont think we are able to take photos on post though. I do still plan to try to get some of Z though. She has tested out one of the playgrounds and had fun. Eric was able to negotiate us a bigger and newer house the other day. The first ones offered were 1100-1200sq/ft and very old inside and out. The new place we will live in is 1600sq/ft and has been remodeled inside. The floors, appliances, paint - all new. The outside is not the best, but that doesnt matter. We are sharing one wall with another family. I believe its just the garage and master bed wall. We live on the corner of the lot so we have a bit of side yard and a back yard too. We can get a fence installed for the dogs which they will love. We can not go inside until the 16th, so we are still living in our hotel room. Its not fun, but we make the best of it.
Eric is on his way back from work right now. Zs eating her lunch. Ill let ya's all go back to your lives until I have more info to share! Ill try to get some photos up soon, but the internet in these places isnt the best!
We love and miss you all very much!