Tuesday, December 21, 2010


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Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Friends and Family!
We are doing our best to try to keep up with the end of this year. It seems things go fast as December winds down. Ive got a series of photos for you that are totally out of order, but let me fill you in on the happenings around here first..
So, after Thanksgiving, we started gearing up for Christmas. We did all of our shopping for Z at Toys R Us mostly. She ran around the store playing with toys and giving us ideas, but we knew what she would like all ready. Im not going to tell just yet - you will have to wait for the after Christmas blog update :) All the gifts are under the tree now.. well, theres one hiding that I have for Eric. THANK YOU to all who sent Zoey gifts! We will get photos and video of our Xmas morning and write you all letters to let you know what she thought. I think this year is going to be super fun.. I cant wait to see the joy in her face when she finally gets to tear through that paper!
We've been hearing that you ALL have been having bad weather this month. Well, we have too. We had a couple days that were super windy - local gusts up to 85mph and the rest were between 35-55mph. Town was torn up.. signs fallen down, accidents all over including a semi on its side, just a mess. Our trash blew away. And, sadly, we lost about half of the brand new shingles that Eric and his friends just put up a couple months ago. We could hear them blowing off, but didnt know the amount of damage until the next day. It sounded horrible. All of Erics hard work is scattered over our yard. So, the last few days, he's purchased more materials and been working on fixing all of the problems. We had a contractor come out and look just in case. He told us that the first few years with new shingles are touchy as the havent had enough time to heat and bond. It was a good thing he said that because I think Eric was starting to feel like it was his mistake. God bless him for being up there in less than 10 degree weather. Hopefully it wont take him much longer to fix.
Ive been busy busy busy! I have been more active in my Moms Group lately. Ive hosted two playdates the last two months and Im working on thinking up another idea for January. I wanted to join Stroller Strides after Eric leaves, but all of us Moms decided to start our own walking group instead :) That begins in January. Ive also been working!!! I stay at home and have an adorable 2yr old girl named Flora over 3 days a week while her parents work. It works out well for all of us because the girls get time to play together, her Mom works very close by and I get to stay at home to make money instead of paying for childcare to work! We play and make crafts together. The girls helped me make photo ornaments. We just finished them and cant wait to have Flora give hers to her Mommy! I should also have another friend of Zoeys on Friday nights a couple times a week beginning in the new year too. I just love it!
Zoeys been talking more and more. Shes learning to count and knows which items in the house belong to me and her Daddy. I put her on the potty every morning when she wakes up. Shes doing okay with it. She gets a sticker when she goes. She will tell me when shes poopy, but also calls her toots poo poo :) When I ask her if shes poopy, she says No sometimes. If I say, "Are you lieing?" she will roar like a lion :) We smell her dupa when we think shes gone, so now she will say "poo poo" and then lean over and sniff herself. Its kind of funny. She also will "meow" if I ask her if shes kidding.. not "kitten" silly Z!!
Hopefully this week we can take Zoey outside to play in the snow. Ive been holding off on doing it because I want it to be a family event. We are trying to do as many things together as we can these days in preparation for our time apart next year. Its creeping up faster and faster, but we are taking advantage of this precious time. This week, Eric has all half days at work so we plan to go see some reindeer too. He may also take some time off soon to finish up on home things and just be with us. Hopefully we can plan something fun! As for those of you who have been bugging me (haha) about the subject, yes, we are trying to have more kids :) Things havent been working as fast as we planned (3 months and no luck), but we have a few more months to try. Just pray for us that we can be blessed again before Eric goes away.
Well, other than those updates, I cant think of anything else to tell ya's. Im sure theres more, but right now Im ready to get moving on my cleaning for the day, Z needs lunch very soon, and I want to finish baking too! We love you all so very much and hope that your holidays are going well too. Thank you all for the beautiful cards you've sent! We currently have a 15 card collection and I know its going to keep growing! They all look great! Look for another update from us shortly after Christmas and keep an eye on your mailboxes, as we will have notes on the way too!
Heres a few photos!
The library hosted a Santa event again this year just for the story time kids. We took Z and Santa gave her another hand made wooden horse. She gave him a huge hug, but my camera acted up and I missed the photo. I was taking pics of all of our friends and my flash was slowing down my camera by the time it was her turn. We went to dinner as a family after and all the way there Zoeys horse was "talking" :)
This year she was apparently given a very loud horse!
We could hear her horsey noises over the radio! We decided that since she has two now, they will make great book ends once she no longer plays with them. They are the perfect set!

Zoey didnt want much to do with the tree while we were setting it up this year. Daddy let her help a few times, but she didnt care for it. We set it up right after Thanksgiving. Now, she likes to bring me "ball" ornaments as she calls them. She can point out the "baby" ornaments (anything that looks like a doll or person) and also the bows. Its helping her learn vocabulary! Shes only stolen a couple gifts and puts them back when shes caught. Its cute and very hard not to laugh at her.
We had a very special "tea" party for our favorite librarian who is retiring. Teressa and Jenna (left), Karen (librarian) is holding Rita, and Julie is next to me.. see Toby? Hes growing fast! Karen has been such a great friend to us. Zoey just loves her. The library won't be the same with out her there.

She was laughing while drinking from her cup. She wouldnt pick it up since she had balls in her hands so she thought it was funny to lean in and get a drink. Dork!

Being silly in the tub! She lays on her belly and I taught her how to blow bubbles in the water. I think we will be in a swimming class very soon!

Zoey loves rolling around on her ball and bouncing her dupa on it too!
I cant remember if I said before, but we spent Thanksgiving at the Cahoons house for dinner. Zoey hardly ate a thing.. She was being weird! Christmas dinner is at our house :) I am making a ham and lots of other yummy things. I have been working hard on my cookies this year too! Most of these are gone now between our family and my Moms group. I still have my sugar cookies to bake and plan to take some to the single soldiers in Erics unit. Im sure they would like to have some home baked goodies for the holidays.. living in the barracks w/o family around cant be all that fun this time of year. I'll leave you with a few photos of this years creations!
Taralles - Italian Hand-knotted Christmas Cookie

Brownie Bottom Cheesecake Bars.. for Eric :)
12 Dozen Apricot Tarts
Carmel Apple Tart I made for Thanksgiving
Hungry yet??
The End!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just One..

Heres one new pic of our little Z that I took and edited this week. We have a few things going on right now, so Ill post some updates over the weekend :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Zoey and the Hippo Song

I'll have some new photos soon, but until then, heres some LIVE Zoey for ya's!
She had more fun dancing the first few times I played this for her, but its still cute!