Monday, January 20, 2014

Our big girls

Just wanted to post a small update on our big girls today. Avilee's post was updated with her recent height/weight as well.

Zoey had her first parent teacher conference last week. Her teacher told me some nice things about her. She thinks Z is very intelligent.  She loves her spirit and willingness to learn.  Zoey askes many questions and can even process her own answer when challenged to.  She is sharing well and holding long conversations with others. Z knows what to do when she's in the classroom, follows directions and is a great leader.  I'm very pleased to hear how well she does in the school situations.   I know she is ready for Kindergarten!! 

Both girls have jobs at home and love to help out with them and with Avilee.  We have been rewarding them with coins for their piggy banks and they really like that.  They have also both been doing great at their dance/tumble classes.  We are looking forward to their recital this spring!

Lillia is growing like a weed.  She's in a phase of not eating which is frustrating.   She's not gaining weight, but still shooting up taller.  We went through this with Z too so it's nothing new.  She talks so well for her age. We love to listen to the things she says to Zoey.. they have some awesome conversations together!!  Lil has been working on her colors, letters and writing at home.  She also loves books.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Nice to meet you - An Interview!

Today, Avilee is 6 months old!  We can not believe the time has gone by so fast.  She's an amazing little girl.. such a good baby!!  She is usually always smiling and loves to give hugs around the neck and snuggle.  Some of you have met her, but others have not, so let's do this interview style. I'll let Avi tell you about herself ;)
1.  What is your favorite food?
Well, since I still haven't cut any teeth (I'm trying so hard!!), I stick to my purees and baby oatmeal.  I love banana, peas, peaches, sweet potatoes, mixed veggies and chicken - yes, baby food chicken!!!  Apples, blueberries and pears are okay too.  My favorite is still my milk though... I get to snuggle my mom when I drink milk :)
2.  What do you drive?
I drive a Safety 1st Sound 'n Lights Activity Walker!!  I can make it go backwards and around corners.. somehow!!  My sisters love to help push me around the house.  They take me all over while they are playing so I am not lonely.  It gives my Mom a chance to cook or fold some laundry.  My sisters are SO helpful!
3.  Do you have a favorite quote?
I don't say much yet so I'm not exactly quoting anyone. Yesterday was my first day saying a real word other than my normal babble.. I said Dada!!  I started at around noon and didn't stop all day.. I can even yell it!  Dad loves it - Mom isn't impressed.  She wanted me to say Mama first.  She's pretending to be upset because it makes my Daddy laugh, but she told me she's happy that I am making him smile.
4.  What do you like to do in your free time?
My favorite pass times are drooling and chewing.  I like my toys or my thumb in my mouth. I used to like my sucky but I don't have to have it every day. 
5.  What is your favorite song?
I'm quite partial to the Little Teapot song because my Daddy likes to sing it to me in his silly voice.  He puts me on his lap and helps me make my handle and spout. Then, he tips me over and I laugh hysterically.  My sisters, mom and gramma sing to me too.  I love it!!  I can sing!  I sing when I'm tired mostly.
6.  Who is your best friend?
I haven't spent much time with other babies just yet, but plan to very soon.  Right now, my best friends are my big sisters. I love them both SO much!!  They play with me and sing to me and I am happy as long as I can see them.
7.  Do you have any nicknames?
My family calls me Avi for short.  Dad calls me Squirt.  Mom usually calls me Honey Baby.  Everyone refers to me as Baby Avilee..  I get new nicknames all the time. We are still waiting for one to stick ;)
8.  How big are you?
I'll come back and edit this answer on the 15th after my Well Baby check. Mom put me on the home scale though and I was over 17lbs!!  
UPDATE:  We went to our Well Baby appointment and the power was off :/  I was 16lbs 2oz, 16in head and 26in long.  I had my shots a few days later and did really well!  I did get a small fever, but Mom and Dad had it under control fast and I feel better now.
9.  What is your favorite color?
I love black and hot pink the best!!
10.  Do you have a favorite toy?
Hmm.. I like my Sophie giraffe a lot.  Toys with lights and music excite me too!!  I got my hands on a ball this week too and that was fun until it rolled away from me..
If my toy or blanket has a fabric tag on it, that's the part I like the best.  I love chewing on tags.  I love my hands and feet.  They make great toys.  My toes are silly and I like to study my fingers while they are making pinching motions.
11.  Are you mobile?
Ehh.. not really.  I know how to roll but I don't care to do it very often.  I don't crawl yet.  I can sit up alone when I want to too.  I'd rather just be held though. I'm kind of spoiled!
12. Is there anything else you would like to tell everyone?
I like to take showers.  The water makes me laugh when I stick my hands or face in it.  I like hair bows!  They actually stay in my hair. I have a ton of it too!  I like to be naked and I hate being hot.  I still sleep with my Mom. We are working on the crib thing.. but no matter where I am, my aquarium really helps me fall asleep.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Best Mom..

I love it when my girls tell me I'm the best Mom in the whole wide world.  I'm still not sure where they picked the phrase up from and they also tell Daddy and others that they are the best so - and - so in the whole wide world too. I may not feel like the best, but I try hard. All that matters is what they think of me.  Today my house work went down the drain.  However, we had school time, computer time, one on one moments, art, snacks, games, snuggles and stories.  It was a fantastic day!!  I love you, my little girls. YOU are the best little girls in the Whole Wide World!!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last hours of 2013

Our girls are all asleep.. Two in their beds and one in my arms.  There are only a couple hours left in this year and I'm hoping and praying that 2014 will bring lots of positive change to our family.  I'm sure the first few months will fly by fast since I don't want them to.  The rest of the year will be hard on us and will probably seem like it lasts an eternity.   No matter what, I want to make sure our girls are happy and making memories they will never forget. I want to spend more time with each one of them.  I want to teach them and create with them.  I want to cuddle them and laugh with them every day.  I want to be a better Mom this year because they deserve it.  My house will probably be dusty and cluttered some days.  My outfit may be yoga pants and my husbands t - shirt.  My hair may be in a bun or braid 4 days a week (let's hope not since I love my new cut and color!).  Our girls will have a great 2014 though.  I will make sure of it!  Happy New Year everyone!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Year & A Half Later...

I'm a bad, bad blogger..
It's not because I don't enjoy sharing - because I do! I miss the days when I had time to send my Monday emails, filled with photos of baby Zoey and telling you everything she had done during the week.   Let's just say that the last year and a half has been a bit busy with a move, a baby.. well, most of you know the details.  Someone told me I should blog to share my Mommy ideas since she just became a brand new member of the Mom Club herself last month. (Congrats my dear!!)  Since I have down time while I'm nursing Avilee, I decided to look up apps on my fancy new phone. Behold! There was blogger!  My New Year's resolution will be a two part-er. Part One is personal to me, so I may not share the details until later on next year. Part Two will be to share more.. More blogs, photos, cards.. The main reason will be because we won't have Eric around and I don't want him to miss a single moment of what our children do while he's away doing his job.  It's going to be a tough year for us. That being said..
Welcome Back to my Blog!!
I'll be here after the holidays are over.
I can't wait to make some lasting memories for our girls this season!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Earth Friendly or Playing with Poo?

Well, one new thing in our world (FINALLY!) is cloth diapering!
We have wanted to try it for so long now.  We intended to for Lillia, but since she came as a surprise.. no better time than now!
And, we decided to do BOTH girls!  Lillia is in cloth diapers and Zoey is in cloth trainers.  Heres how my laundry room looks now! 
Ive organized the fluff into boxes for each girl and one for my inserts.  I hung that unused bathroom shelf myself while Eric was at work.  I store my new supplies on it and the towel bar makes a great drying area.  The door stop is a great place for my wet bag (to store dirty diapers in).  How do you like my line?  Its yarn!  Haha!  I can take it down any time I need to.
At this point, we are loving the cloth.. the money we save is great.  Even Eric will stuff, change, spray.. you name it.  Ill share more on the topic soon.. With Zoey potty training, theres lots to share..


So, its been 6 months..
I have a LOT to catch you up on!
And, I will... soon!