Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bujak Updates..

Im sorry its been so long since we have updated this! Days here have been full of constant chaos! I'm only going to write a short note and put up a couple pics that I was able to steal off of facebook. I cant upload recent photos from my camera because space on this computer is currently very limited and its been acting up. But, heres whats going on..

-The movers have all of our stuff and we have been hanging out in the house with basic essentials until we drive off. We planned to leave yesterday, but things got behind due to some snow and some parts for the wood stove not being in on time. We are now hoping to leave next week, but again, are waiting on more brick for the stove.

-All of the testing for Baby#2 came back fine.. not sure if I had even mentioned that I was not feeling... right.. and had some extra tests done. We found out on Wednesday that we are expecting another baby girl! Eric and I are not able to agree on her name just yet, but we are working on it. Shes a feisty one though - always kicking!

-Zs going to be 2 in just a few more days! I cant believe it.. but at the same time, I can. I dont feel like its been two years since she arrived. Shes growing so fast! Shes not the same sweet little girl as she was the first 18 months.. she had begun her terrible two's early! She likes to test her Momma and Daddy a lot! A LOT!! But, we take each day at a time and learn more about what shes trying to communicate with each tantrum and meltdown. Shes been loving her Daddy being off work. Momma has been feeling a bit left out and abused (since I get all the drama and Daddy gets all the kisses) but I know its just a phase. Her sentences are getting better and now shes singing more! I love listening to her talk since she can tell me what she needs better. Its just amazing how she is changing and growing up. She saw the Easter Bunny last weekend.. Ill try to get the photo here soon.

Ummm... I cant even think of what else we wanted to tell you all! My mind is, and has been, on overload for about a month now. Well, Ill put up the pics I have and update you all again once we are in Kansas and have internet. Once on the road, we may not have phone service in certain areas. We will try to stay at places with wireless internet so we can update through email if possible. This journey has been a huge test for us all ready.. Heres to hoping we can get through this last couple weeks still smiling!

Love and miss you all!

Since I never get to be the one in the photos.. heres a few shots I was able to take from my photographers facebook page. These are just a couple of my 20wk photos of Baby Girl Bujak #2.