Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lillia Avery Bujak - My Birth Story

Yes, I am all ready here! I know you didnt expect me until September, but plans changed.. and Im going to tell you all about it since everyone has been asking my Mommy! Heres the last photo taken of me in Mommys tummy before I arrived. This is the tp game for her baby shower on August 7th! I measured 12 pieces of tp!On Aug 5th, we had a growth ultrasound taken because my Dr told Mommy that I was looking a bit large. I cooperated and let them take a peek :)
My results were given to the Dr and we received a phone call on Wed, Aug 10th at 9:30am saying that the fluid around me was dangerously low and we had to go to the hospital right away. Mommy and Zoey had a playdate scheduled at the house in 30 minutes so she had to call and have it all cancelled - sorry Zoey! At the hospital, we had another ultrasound and Dr Brown decided I needed to be induced that very day. Mommy was admitted to the hospital at 11am, given an iv of fluids and hooked up to monitors for my movements, heartrate and her blood pressure. After several hours, nothing progressed.

If you do not want them all, please skip ahead to the photos!

The Midwife on duty that day decided to try a foley bulb to get Mommy to dilate. The foley is a tube that goes into the cervix and is filled with a saline solution to form a bulb inside. It puts pressure between my head and the cervix so when there is a contraction, it begins to slide out resulting in Mommy dilating to a 3 or 4. By midnight, the bulb was easily removed with a tiny tug which showed that things were moving along! Then, there was a shift change. The midwife who wanted to do things the natural way left for the night and a new Dr came in. She checked Mommy, which hurt her pretty badly and decided Pitocin was the way to go.. By 7am, Mommy was checked again (more pain) and was only to a 5. The Pitocin was increased all day on Thursday. By evening, we were excited to be a 6! Mommy was in a lot of pain by then though, so she called for the epidural. It took two trys, but they finally got it in place. The shift had changed again, and we were introduced to Dr Sessions. He broke Mommys water and placed a monitor inside to check on me. Mommy had a huge pain in her left hip that would not go away. The nurse was able to help her shift around until the meds finally worked their way in to the area and Mommy got about 15mins of sleep. Then, I put my feet in her ribs and started pushing with my legs. Im sorry Mommy! I know it hurt! We got the nurse to come in and found out it was time to go! The nurse helped us push for a little while and the Dr came back in. I was born in 33mins! Good thing because they had been in the hall talking about a c-section! My apgar was a 9 both times they checked, I was crying, Mommy didnt need any stitches, Daddy cut my cord and got to examine my placenta (he thought it was neat!)..

I was born at 1:03am on August 12th, 2011. I was 7lbs 3 oz and 19in long.

My first hospital bath

Meeting my sister Zoey
She loves to give me kisses and knows my name!

My first home bath
I loved it!

Ive been a good girl for Mommy and Daddy so far. I had one bad night in the hospital and a couple rough ones at home, but Im mostly quiet and like to eat and sleep! Im a breastfed baby and Im doing very well with it! My first Dr visit went well and I have another soon. I lost a little bit of weight, but Im going to gain it back quickly. Mommy has to go back in to have her blood pressure checked soon. She was taken off her meds since she was stable in the hospital! Since I came early, we have a lot to catch up on and do - thank you cards, organizing, shopping.. But it will all happen in time. Right now, we are just enjoying being healthy and together!
We love you all!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lost My Blogging Spirit??

Its been well over a month since my last post.. We have had a lot going on to be honest. I also havent been in the blogging mood lately. Ive been tired. When I turn the computer on, it stays on all day, but I havent been in the spirit to write anything really. Usually I check my email and print coupons.. Im sorry!

We have been spending a lot of family time together which I think Ive said before. It seems easier here in KS since we live right down the road from Erics office. He gets to come home a few times a day for meals and clothing changes. He has had a lot of extra time off for my Dr. visits too. We spend time at the neighborhood pool when we can. Z just loves to swim. Her puddle jumper lets her float all over the pool w/o any help at all. She kicks her feet and "swims her arms" as we tell her. When she wakes up in the morning she always says "beep beep, go, pool." Im glad we found her something to float in. They wont let kids use the water wings here which was a big bummer since she got some for her 1st bday and was used to wearing them. Shes been growing so much these days. She got on the scale at my appointment today and was 28lbs. They say shes thin for her age.. but we are not concerned. She eats well and is very active.

Shes been a big helper and a big trouble maker too. She likes to throw things away that are "kaka", she can get her own snacks and drinks when she wants them and loves to tell me my floors are "dog dog hair, kaka, floor" and will get out the dust buster. (brat!!) Shes right, Stella sheds a lot more here so we vac every day. I wont get into detail about her trouble making - shes two, use your imagination!
Lillia will be here super soon! For those who do not know yet, I have been spending a lot of time at the hospital. I go 3 times a week and sometimes Im there for 5 hours or more. Ive had my regular visits, but also started non-stress tests. During those, they hook a couple monitors to my belly and watch her heartbeat, movements and my contractions. The darn contractions landed me in labor and delivery once all ready. They are constant - 3 to 5 minutes apart for the last few weeks now. Ive had several injections that are supposed to stop them, but they dont work. Im on a set of pills until the end of this week as well. They just want me past 36 weeks, otherwise Ill be air lifted to Topeka (an hour drive away) since they do not have a NICU here. The pills have made me feel very sick and super tired.. almost hungover feeling. They have made the strength of the contractions lessen a bit. Im not currently dilated, but I have not been checked in about a week. Its been a big mess. Ill be 36wks this Thursday (Aug 4th). Hopefully she holds out a bit longer than that, but unless I stay off my feet all the time.. well..
My best friend Juliet is having an online baby shower for me this weekend. I think it will be fun! Im looking forward to the little games and photos. Its on facebook if you want to join in and we did register for a couple things on
Thats about all Ive got for today everyone. Im losing my energy and need to lay back down. So not fun.. Ill try to get you all updated again sooner than last time, but we have a lot to get ready for Lillia still and she could be here any day now which Im not ready for yet!
We love you and miss you all very much!