Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Earth Friendly or Playing with Poo?

Well, one new thing in our world (FINALLY!) is cloth diapering!
We have wanted to try it for so long now.  We intended to for Lillia, but since she came as a surprise.. no better time than now!
And, we decided to do BOTH girls!  Lillia is in cloth diapers and Zoey is in cloth trainers.  Heres how my laundry room looks now! 
Ive organized the fluff into boxes for each girl and one for my inserts.  I hung that unused bathroom shelf myself while Eric was at work.  I store my new supplies on it and the towel bar makes a great drying area.  The door stop is a great place for my wet bag (to store dirty diapers in).  How do you like my line?  Its yarn!  Haha!  I can take it down any time I need to.
At this point, we are loving the cloth.. the money we save is great.  Even Eric will stuff, change, spray.. you name it.  Ill share more on the topic soon.. With Zoey potty training, theres lots to share..


So, its been 6 months..
I have a LOT to catch you up on!
And, I will... soon!