Friday, January 28, 2011

Born to Swim!

Im pretty sure I mentioned before, but maybe not, that Zoey had a swim-playdate scheduled for this week. Well, we went on Monday and I am happy to report that we WILL be going back as soon as we can! The water was a bit cold to us both at first. Z was a bit cranky since this was right when she should have been napping. One of our mom group friends took over, grabbed Z from me and left me with her tiny baby :)
By the time I got her back, she was warmed up and having fun! This took the stress off both me and Z since she was upset at first. When I got her back, she was ready to lay on her belly and kick.. she had been doing this with our friend too. I even got her to blow bubbles in the water. Im so ready to get her in a swim class!!
So, before we hopped in the pool, I got this pic of her in the locker room..

This is the suit that her Gramma and Grampa Bujak got her for her 1st Birthday and the water wings they gave her too. Yes, she even brought her new towel, Gramma and Grampa! She wanted to put the wings on as soon as she saw them and didnt want me to take them off! The glasses.. well, they were a gift from her friend Rita and since they matched Momma thought she should wear them for the photo!

Thats all I have! Just wanted to share our little fishy with you all!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tiny Update...

I havent had my camera in my hands as much as I usually do this month! I cant believe how few new photos I have to share with you all!
Heres your update first... We have had some crazy weather here lately! We had high (like 75mph) winds for an entire week straight this month. Its finally calmed down and now we have a few feet of fresh new snow.. FINALLY! This is the first time since Thanksgiving that it has fallen.
Erics been super busy at work. Hes had many many late nights and was lucky enough to go in on a few of his days off too - HOOAH! :( His soldiers keep getting into trouble, but he has told me that this is normal behavior right before a deployment. Currently, he is outside on the roof (again) fixing a few more broken shingles from the crazy wind we had. We are excited that he has the first two weeks of February OFF of work!! Its a time to catch up on home things, but also just hang out as a family.
Z and I have been busy with our normal activities. We started a Walk and Roll group with our MatSu Moms and push our kids in their strollers on an indoor track. On our first walk, we went almost 4 miles! Im ready to go again! Im the contact for the activity every other Thursday and another mom is doing the opposite week Wednesdays. We will have to miss those ones though because Zoeys library story time is starting back up again in Feb. Ive met the new teacher - she is a sweetie! She has a new baby who I have all ready babysat for once too. Today, we had coffee with our mom friends in Palmer. Monday we are all going swimming! We also signed up for a Secret Sister (well, I did) in our group, so we will be doing special secret things for another mom for a few months and someone will be doing them for me too! The group is growing and changing into something even more special than it was last year! Its exciting!
Renee and Mike (Erics mom and step-dad) will be here in a week!! We are looking forward to some time with them. We dont have too much planned really. We are taking them to a fancy dinner their last night here. It will be a late anniversary dinner for us as well. We LOVE Evangelos in Wasilla! Yummy!
We have our first new baby appointment on February 3rd at 10am. We are taking Nana and Papa too!! We should be able to hear babys heart and hopefully see him/her for the first time too! Dont worry, Ill update asap after that!
Back to my moms group one more time..
We were given a super special gift from one of the moms! I am not being told who it was, but thats okay. Anyway, one of the moms in the group is a photographer and is offering a special session called Until We Meet Again. She will be taking special photos for families of deploying soldiers so they have a nice picture memory to take with them. Well, someone in my group purchased a session for Eric, Z and I. When I found out, I cried. We are having them done in a couple weeks. I tell you, this is a very amazing group of women!
We have set a date for Zoeys early birthday party. It will be Feb 26th. I have invited local friends of hers and also our church family to attend, eat and spend some quality time with Eric before he leaves as well. Its more of a birthday/bbq (like we had in Mi last year) for both of them. Its going to have a theme, which Im not sharing right now :) You will have to wait for the photos! I am all ready into my planning and going to order things soon. I have rented a room at the Multi Sports Complex here in town so that we have more space and less cleanup! It was cheap!
Okay, on to the photos since I know you all have been waiting! I promise I will get more soon! We have lots going on over the next month, so I wont even have the chance to disappoint ya's! There will be tons of photo-ops!
Holy Static Batman!

Wearing Daddys winter Army hat.

She loves building towers with her blocks! She did this all by herself!

Pretty curls :)
More soon! We love and miss you all!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

An Eventful 2011

2011 is underway and, thinking about it, its going to be a..
long, emotional, lonely, scary, busy, sad, tough, special, happy..
As most of you know, we got the most wonderful Christmas present this year!
On Christmas Eve morning, I found out I am pregnant!
We have been trying and I was getting discouraged, but the test finally came out positive.
I wrapped it up and put it under the tree.
I convinced Eric that it was his year to open a gift on Xmas Eve and told him I got to pick which one. I have it on video.
We are so excited!
This is bittersweet, though, because for the majority of this pregnancy, Eric will be deployed overseas. I can not say when he leaves, just know that it is soon. He will be home, hopefully, for the birth, but you never know what can happen. Ive told him that if he has to miss it, Id rather he be here after so he can meet our baby instead of having to wait until hes home for good.
Im excited to get started on changing the house around - I need to move Zoey into the guest room as soon as I can make it special for her. Im excited to decorate! Then, baby can have the existing nursery. Eric is going to help out before he leaves.
Im sad that he is leaving. I know we will be okay, but Im still nervous to take care of the day to day stuff all alone. Ill be lonely for him and missing him terribly.
But, enough sad stuff!
(dont worry, Ill keep updates posted about the deployment later on)
Erics got a huge to-do list that hes made to work on this month.
In a few weeks, Nana and Papa Reeves will be visiting :)
Our 3rd anniversary is coming up soon :)
We are planning an early 2nd Birthday party for Zoey in February.
Ill keep you all updated with photos as much as I can. These next few months will probably fly by fast. We should be signing up for a new internet service soon though which will make photo sharing and skype a lot easier for us to use.
We love and miss you all very much!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Last of 2010..

Well, I guess I should say Happy New Year!
Here are the last few photos we have from 2010...
We were on our way to the Reindeer Farm on Christmas Eve when I shot this. It was 18 below at the base of this mountain, so we decided to skip the farm!
Giving her Daddy some kisses and hugs
Cookies for Santa.. he likes his w/o frosting :)
Put that back Zoey!!
She loves the guitar we got her!
Playing with just a few of her new toys!

Computer time with Daddy - they both got new laptops :)

Enjoying her new tub crayons! These things are great!

I think she wanted to ship herself back to her Nannie!

More soon!!