Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Can You Guess My Title??

Oh Blogger, how I have missed you! I have decided that Im done telling you all Im sorry for not blogging as much as I used to. Why? Well, because instead of sitting on the computer all day, typing about my non existent life, Im out doing and seeing and having a life all the time!! Why haven't I blogged lately? We have been SO busy! I put our memory card in the computer and there are tons of photos of the things we've been doing! We even forgot to take the camera a couple times too. So, Ill upload and describe!

To raise money for the FRG, there was a pie in the face event.. I couldn't let just anyone put that pie in Erics face!!

Kind of overdue, but heres a pic of Lil at one month old..

And her pic from today - 2 months old. Shes changing a lot!

Zs a great big sister :)

Manhattan Zoo.. yes, they had cows. Its a small zoo!

Z will say "Good Girl Baby" and pat her back :)

At the playground

So, they are a bit random, but they are photos none the less. We have been to carnivals and the zoo, military functions, you name it! October is going to be busy too! We have Trunk or Treat and Trick or Treat and pumpkin patches and pumpkin painting!! I have started a Moms Group of my own (the Meetup ones didnt fit us well) and I have playdates and crafts planned up until summer. I have begun selling Tastefully Simple! That will get me some adult interaction and income as well.

The girls are both growing so much! Zoeys talking nonstop.. no really, nonstop!! Lillia has started talking and smiling now too. Its cute!!

Erics busy with work. He will not be deploying now, but things are up in the air about our future with the Army.

Hopefully we will still take our vacation in December, but the dates may change a bit. We will keep everyone posted.

I have cards in the mail for all of you with Zoeys 2yr photos and Lillias birth announcement. Sorry they are a bit late! Wait, no Im not!! We are living life and enjoying all the time we get to spend as a family!! Kansas has been a blessing in disguise.

We love and miss you all!

Ill post Halloween photos before the month is over..

"Bee" on the look out!!!!

*wink wink*