Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lillia Avery

Guess who got to see Lil' bean today..?? Me! And, now, Im sharing with all of you!This is the best profile photo we could get. Look at those cheeks!!!

Heres a 3D of her. She would not stop putting her hands over her face. Shes got both arms up there. I was ready to see her suck her thumb, but she didnt. Z never did, but she didnt keep her hands up by her face that much either.

Theres her big Bujak feet!

And a profile.. with hands :)

They think shes about 3.5lbs right now. They have moved my due date to Aug 24th. I think it funny because I told Eric this morning that I would love it if she were born on Aug 23rd so that both of our girls were "A" months and both on the 23rd. Shes all ready flipped over and has her feet by my right ribs and her head by and facing my left leg. Z came out facing my left leg too, which was very painful. Tomorrow I will know how my labs went. Ill update again soon!

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