Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Goodbye Fall

Winter is finally here in KS.. to stay.. we think! Its been very cold, but no snow, or at least none that sticks. Zoey sees frost in the mornings and gets excited saying, "Look Mama, SNOW!" Poor girl; she wants it so bad! The holidays have been hectic with us. We had Thanksgiving here at our house with some soldiers and our neighbor and her adorable little ones came for a bit too since her hubby is still away. Erics been working late every night and Ive had shows and events every weekend trying to earn some extra play money :)

Christmas is coming up fast! The shopping is almost done, but we didnt go overboard. The girls dont really need a whole lot. We will wait a bit longer before we post a bunch of photos of the last two months.. Ill need some time to sit down alone and do it.

In Lillia news, she rolled over for the first time on Sunday! Now she wont stop! She has a Well Baby visit next week, so Ill post her measurements in the next blog. Shes around 15lbs.

Zoey loves her sister.. helping all the time. Its really amazing to watch!

We should have some news on our future with the Army by the next time I post too. Also, sad, but we are not taking a vacation for a while now.. just not in the cards for us this year I guess.

Sorry to be short, but the girls are calling!!!

We love and miss you all!

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