Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last hours of 2013

Our girls are all asleep.. Two in their beds and one in my arms.  There are only a couple hours left in this year and I'm hoping and praying that 2014 will bring lots of positive change to our family.  I'm sure the first few months will fly by fast since I don't want them to.  The rest of the year will be hard on us and will probably seem like it lasts an eternity.   No matter what, I want to make sure our girls are happy and making memories they will never forget. I want to spend more time with each one of them.  I want to teach them and create with them.  I want to cuddle them and laugh with them every day.  I want to be a better Mom this year because they deserve it.  My house will probably be dusty and cluttered some days.  My outfit may be yoga pants and my husbands t - shirt.  My hair may be in a bun or braid 4 days a week (let's hope not since I love my new cut and color!).  Our girls will have a great 2014 though.  I will make sure of it!  Happy New Year everyone!!

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