Monday, January 20, 2014

Our big girls

Just wanted to post a small update on our big girls today. Avilee's post was updated with her recent height/weight as well.

Zoey had her first parent teacher conference last week. Her teacher told me some nice things about her. She thinks Z is very intelligent.  She loves her spirit and willingness to learn.  Zoey askes many questions and can even process her own answer when challenged to.  She is sharing well and holding long conversations with others. Z knows what to do when she's in the classroom, follows directions and is a great leader.  I'm very pleased to hear how well she does in the school situations.   I know she is ready for Kindergarten!! 

Both girls have jobs at home and love to help out with them and with Avilee.  We have been rewarding them with coins for their piggy banks and they really like that.  They have also both been doing great at their dance/tumble classes.  We are looking forward to their recital this spring!

Lillia is growing like a weed.  She's in a phase of not eating which is frustrating.   She's not gaining weight, but still shooting up taller.  We went through this with Z too so it's nothing new.  She talks so well for her age. We love to listen to the things she says to Zoey.. they have some awesome conversations together!!  Lil has been working on her colors, letters and writing at home.  She also loves books.

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