Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June Bug

Here are a few photos of Zoey during the month of June. These are just a couple of my favorites and until I learn more about blogging I may only get a few up at a time.

Here she is being her cute little self with a huge flower bow in her hair! She lets me put them in, but they don't always last! Her bangs are down to her nose now, so I usually clip them back to keep them out of her eyes.

Baking cookies is fun! I always turn the oven light on now so she can see whats inside. She was excited waiting for these to come out!

This is the trike that Nana and Papa VanDenBerghe picked out for Zoey for her Birthday. Toys R Us was out of them until last weekend! She likes to sit on it and be pushed around the house, but needs help getting on. She can get off alone. Her feet don't reach the pedals just yet, but it won't take long!

I will add more photos and updates soon!
We love you all!

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  1. Hey Sista! Nice Blog! It is a fun way for you to Journal and share Zoey with friends and family.It will be something you can have to look back on and remember the special moments in your lives.