Monday, June 28, 2010

Dog and Monkey

Zoey can say many many words.. dog, cat, hi, happy, cheese, help, stuck, drink, up, nigh nigh (night night), duck, dird (bird), tree, good, num num when eating something she likes, bath, apple, arm, eyes, shoes, toons for cartoons, book, toy..

But, this past week, EVERYTHING is a DOG! We are trying to correct her, but shes like her daddy and has selective hearing! haha! I'm sure its a phase!
We are debating changing her crib into toddler bed. Last night, she figured out how to turn the lights on and off from bed, so I had to move her, crib and all! Shes also starting to climb everything. She can get on and off the couch alone, but sometimes uses the floor rocker or a pillow for an extra boost. She gets in her toy stroller and finds herself stuck. She has also been stuck standing on the bottom rail of her crib when trying to scale it from the floor. Most times she can get up, but not down from the places she gets stuck. She has no fear!

On a side note, Eric and Zoey gave me a great Birthday! They picked me out a glider rocker and ottoman. We had brunch with my friend Teressa and Zs friend Jenna at Ihop. Then, we went to the park to play with Jason, Julie and Rita. That night, the Cahoons came over for a steak dinner and some drinks. Eric got my favorite wine. The Cahoons stayed over and Eric made us breakfast the next morning. It was so much fun! They are both great with Zoey too.. can't wait for them to have kids!

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