Sunday, September 26, 2010

God made dirt.. And we have LOTS of it!!

This is how our front side yard looked when we moved in. Eric cut down those small trees. (I do not have a good pic of the back side yard, so just picture this type of mess there too!)
Then, he rented several machnes to get it to this point...

The above photo now looks like the photo below..

Side yard..

The new fence will go from the back corner (attaching to the exisiting fence) to about the middle of the hill in this photo. Then, it will come down the hill to meet the yard with a double gate and continue a few more feet until it touches the side of the house. Can you picture that?

Side and back yard...

The burm and yard will all get hydroseed next year. The ledge in the middle of the burm will have small bushes and wildflowers planted on it. We will also be planting a few new trees and a small garden for Zoey. She loves blueberries and strawberries!

And Currently..
Heres the view when you drive up. On the left of this photo, we have dirt piles that will stay about 1 or 2 feet high until they reach the driveway. This will keep and water from rain and snow melt from flooding our neighbors. We plan to set up a fire pit and seating back there and also put a short fence (maybe a split-rail) on the top of the "flood saver hill" just to give it a more finished look.

Heres the side yard

Eric has also set some of the posts for the fence on the top of the burm

We will keep updating the progress as we get more done. Right now, Eric's up on the roof with a good friend replacing the shingles. We wanted to go one more year before we did that, but he was looking at it the other day and noticed they were all lifting. Each time its windy or rains we end up with black pieces all over the deck too, so it was definitely ready to be replaced.


The roof is done! I didnt get all the photos on here when I started this post, so thats the reason for the delay. Heres a new photo of the fence too!

Sorry about all the delays to those of you who wanted pics of the landscaping projects. We are still running AT&T internet which is terribly slow. We even had a few days where it was crashing our computer. I am actually debating trying to go back to the Monday Email again, but I know my yahoo doesnt support that well either. I'll get some new photos of Z up here very soon! Check back!

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