Monday, September 13, 2010

Lots To Tell!!

Wow! Where do I begin! We have been super busy lately.. or at least it seems like we have been. Back in August, we decided to take Zoey to the Alaska State Fair. Thank goodness we had a Daddy who wasn't working and a beautiful afternoon with sunshine! Here's some photos!

The goats were her favorite!

Isnt she cute as a fat old man on a tractor? Haha!

We took her to see the animals first. After that, we decided to go back to the car for the stroller. That turned out to be the best idea we had since she fell asleep right after she sat down. Mommy and Daddy walked around for a long time and then we all went to dinner together. It was a great day!

Zoey has transitioned into a toddler bed!

Here's the first photo of her in her bed! Shes on the left side of the monitor.

One day, she decided to climb out of her crib during a nap so Eric quickly changed her bed into the daybed with rails. She's done well so far. She escaped one night and Eric found her in the living room at 4am. After that, we now keep her door shut! Another morning, I found her here..

because Eric thinks he didn't shut her door all the way! Usually at night she gets out a couple times and during naps she sometimes plays with her toys for a while, but shes done well with the change. I can't say she always sleeps in her bed properly. Here are some examples - look hard!Sleeping on the floor beside her bed.Sleeping with her head hanging off the bed.In a lump on the floor by the door (top right corner).Torso on bed and feet on the floor.. yes, she is asleep like this!

Other than that, she's been doing typical toddler things..

Having lunch with a good friend!

Enjoyng her new slide!

Helping Mommy with the tupperware!

This past weekend, Eric worked on landscaping. Hopefully he can get that and some wood harvested before Friday which is the day of his next knee surgery. He will be off work for 10 days again. I'll update you all on that later. Zoey went to a new bouncy house with Rita and did great! I'll take the camera next time! We went to Julies ultrasound today (its a boy!) and the park too. Zoey is now napping (by the door again) so I'm going to wash dishes. Thanks for reading our updates! We love and miss you all!

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