Sunday, November 7, 2010

Its PHOTO Time Again!

One week from today is family photo day!
We have been doing so many things around the house the past few months that we can not afford Dori's photos this time around. We did find an awesome photographer though who is just starting out and offering us a free session!
Next Sunday, we will be meeting in Anchorage for our shoot. It's currently snowing, so we should have another white backdrop this year!
As soon as I get them back, I will be ordering our cards from Shutterfly!
A few reasons actually!
We have been using their beautiful cards ever since we moved to Alaska. We trust them to deliver our items to us quickly and we're always impressed with the quality of the merchandise we order.
And, this year, we get 50 cards for FREE!
(read to the end of this blog post to find out how!)
This year, Shutterfly's Holiday Story Cards really caught my attention!The outside has your favorite photo(s)..
And the inside helps you tell the story of your year or share updates on each family member!
Super Cute!
If you happen to visit their site, be sure to check out the holiday gift tags and address labels that are on sale right now! They also have new designs on their calendars!!
So, bloggers, impressed with Shutterfly?
Want your own free cards this year?
to find out how!

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