Sunday, November 21, 2010

What a Big Girl!

Our little Zoey has been growing non-stop these days. She is adding new words to her vocabulary so much this week! Daddy had to spend the week in the field, so Z and Mommy spent lots of alone time together. It was good practice for the deployment. We are getting more involved with our Moms Group now too. We hosted a Thanksgiving recipe exchange this month and next month we are hosting a a cookie recipe exchange playdate. The group has changed a lot since last year, but the new Moms are great and there are lots of kids her age right now.
Here she is "going shopping" with her hat and purse! She loves playing dress up!
Big smiles as she was playing on her slide with Jenna! Look at all those teeth!

She dumped a cup of water on herself during a playdate, so she ended up naked for a while. The kids were all playing in her bed.

Zoey was acting scared of the vacuum, so I let her help me and Daddy took some pictures. She was pushing it with me and can use the hose all by herself. She loves to dust with my Swiffers too!

Heres a funny story...
I baked cookies for my Moms Group playdate. While some were baking and some were cooling on a plate, I let Z watch a cartoon so I could take the dogs out to potty - usually this is no big deal since it takes 2 minutes. When I came in, she was still watching her cartoon and eating her cereal snack of Kix... or so I thought! I went into the kitchen to finish the cookies and noticed the plate looked odd. It was a bit, umm, empty. I walked around the corner and found Zoey like this... It was my fault for leaving the plate so close to the edge I guess so instead of getting mad, I got the camera. Then, I got Z in her chair for a proper lunch :)

She loves stacking her bananas! Every time I feed them to her she does this all by herself!
During the first snow fall, I went out and made a snowbear for Z. She loved him until he melted. She has yet to play in the snow since we are waiting for a good day while Daddy can play too. Right now, the snow is hard and crunchy - yuck!

And best of all, we are done using the sucky! This is one of the last photos we have of her with them. She did this by herself too - silly girl! She was getting a small rash, probably from moisture and teething, so we decided not to give her sucky back after breakfast one day. We nervously waited for her naps and then bedtime. She did just fine! I think its been a few weeks now and we do find her chewing on her fingers more often than before but its a step towards being a big girl and we are very proud of her!

The end!

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  1. I just love the one of Z with the two pacies in her mouth. I have started taken ashlynns away during the day but she well ask for it when she is tired or hungry. progress right :)