Friday, July 2, 2010

Zoeys One Year Photos Are Back!

OHHHH Myyyy!! I received the cd of photos from our one year shoot in the mail just the other day and I am soooo happy to finally be sharing them with you! I was in tears viewing the results! Dori, owner of DSY Design in Anchorage Alaska, was able to fit us in again for this special session. She can capture Zoey like no one else can! She also made me feel pretty.. After having Z, I haven't felt like myself and hate being in photos because I fear that I will look terrible. Thank you Dori for the amazing job you always do for us! We love you!! Here's a sneak peek! After you view, click the link below the photos to see the rest on our Shutterfly page. From there, you can view and order anything you like! Please use password alaskabujaks. Enjoy! <-------- Click Here For The Rest!

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