Monday, July 5, 2010

New Things..

Zoey did a couple cute new things that we have to share with you all!

Shes had a cold for a few days now, but Daddy taught her how to blow her nose! She actually does it right and it helps so that we don't have to suck her nose as much. She will even do it on her own.. unfortunately she picked my dish towel to do it on! Super cute, so I don't mind!

Shes also been more aware of her diaper lately. We knew she had a poopy one the other day, so I asked if she wanted a change and she walked with me to her room. Before I could react to what she had started, she had the wipes bin off the table and opened, wipe in hand. She, fully diapered and dressed still, leaned forward, put her hand with wipe between her legs and began wiping herself! Shes done it a few times now. I let her since she thinks shes cleaning herself and it is so cute to see that she is learning what to do!

Zoey has been taking standing up showers with us too. She will wait to be soaped and then rub her own legs, belly and arms. She even likes to help wash Mommy and Daddys arms and legs.

She made her way down both sets of our stairs today all by herself as well. I asked her how shes gets down and she slid on her belly all the way!

Learning, learning every day!!

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