Friday, January 28, 2011

Born to Swim!

Im pretty sure I mentioned before, but maybe not, that Zoey had a swim-playdate scheduled for this week. Well, we went on Monday and I am happy to report that we WILL be going back as soon as we can! The water was a bit cold to us both at first. Z was a bit cranky since this was right when she should have been napping. One of our mom group friends took over, grabbed Z from me and left me with her tiny baby :)
By the time I got her back, she was warmed up and having fun! This took the stress off both me and Z since she was upset at first. When I got her back, she was ready to lay on her belly and kick.. she had been doing this with our friend too. I even got her to blow bubbles in the water. Im so ready to get her in a swim class!!
So, before we hopped in the pool, I got this pic of her in the locker room..

This is the suit that her Gramma and Grampa Bujak got her for her 1st Birthday and the water wings they gave her too. Yes, she even brought her new towel, Gramma and Grampa! She wanted to put the wings on as soon as she saw them and didnt want me to take them off! The glasses.. well, they were a gift from her friend Rita and since they matched Momma thought she should wear them for the photo!

Thats all I have! Just wanted to share our little fishy with you all!

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