Sunday, January 2, 2011

An Eventful 2011

2011 is underway and, thinking about it, its going to be a..
long, emotional, lonely, scary, busy, sad, tough, special, happy..
As most of you know, we got the most wonderful Christmas present this year!
On Christmas Eve morning, I found out I am pregnant!
We have been trying and I was getting discouraged, but the test finally came out positive.
I wrapped it up and put it under the tree.
I convinced Eric that it was his year to open a gift on Xmas Eve and told him I got to pick which one. I have it on video.
We are so excited!
This is bittersweet, though, because for the majority of this pregnancy, Eric will be deployed overseas. I can not say when he leaves, just know that it is soon. He will be home, hopefully, for the birth, but you never know what can happen. Ive told him that if he has to miss it, Id rather he be here after so he can meet our baby instead of having to wait until hes home for good.
Im excited to get started on changing the house around - I need to move Zoey into the guest room as soon as I can make it special for her. Im excited to decorate! Then, baby can have the existing nursery. Eric is going to help out before he leaves.
Im sad that he is leaving. I know we will be okay, but Im still nervous to take care of the day to day stuff all alone. Ill be lonely for him and missing him terribly.
But, enough sad stuff!
(dont worry, Ill keep updates posted about the deployment later on)
Erics got a huge to-do list that hes made to work on this month.
In a few weeks, Nana and Papa Reeves will be visiting :)
Our 3rd anniversary is coming up soon :)
We are planning an early 2nd Birthday party for Zoey in February.
Ill keep you all updated with photos as much as I can. These next few months will probably fly by fast. We should be signing up for a new internet service soon though which will make photo sharing and skype a lot easier for us to use.
We love and miss you all very much!

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